Rio Tinto, Fer et Titane, is renowned for developing high-quality products to meet the needs of its customers. The exceptional uniformity of the raw materials used in the production process, rigorous production control and the systematic product inspection and analysis guarantee that our customers receive only the best quality products.

RTFT is also recognized for its customer service. Customers have access to a team of experts who conduct research and prepare technical publications based on their needs. Also offered is a personalized consulting service to help them improve production.

Titanium dioxide feedstock

RTFT's main product is titanium dioxide feedstock which is sold as a raw material to titanium dioxide pigment and titanium metal producers.  Titanium pigment is used to produce a superior-quality white finish at a lower cost. It serves as a colouring or opacity agent in paints, plastics, paper, and other materials. It is by far the most commonly used white pigment in the world. Titanium dioxide is non-toxic, biologically inert and even used in sweets, cosmetics and toothpaste. Titanium metal is used extensively in the aerospace and aviation industries. Its lightness, strength and inert properties also make it ideal for use in a range of medical applications such as artificial hip replacement joints.

RTFT currently produces three products namely SORELSLAG®, UGS™ and RTCS™.

SORELSLAG® has a titanium dioxide content of about 80%. It is sold primarily to pigment producers that use the sulphate process. SORELSLAG® provides sulphate pigment producers with an environmentally friendly way of minimizing waste generation. RTFT is the world's leading supplier of high grade sulphate feedstock.

UGS™ is an upgraded slag and has a titanium dioxide content of about 95%. It is sold primarily to titanium dioxide pigment producers that use the chloride process and to titanium metal producers.

RTCS™ has a titanium dioxide content of about 90%. It is sold primarily to titanium dioxide pigment producers that use the chloride process. 

High purity liquid metal is produced during the ilmenite smelting process. RTFT has the choice of producing Sorelmetal®, Sorelsteel® or iron and steel powders from the liquid metal feed. 

Sorelmetal® High Purity Iron

Sorelmetal® is a high purity iron, containing very low concentrations of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other undesirable elements, used in the production of Ductile Iron Castings. The high degree of purity and the consistency of the product's chemical composition make it the material of choice for foundries producing components requiring superior mechanical properties. The product is backed by our R&D laboratory in Sorel-Tracy as well as a team of foundry experts providing technical service to foundries world-wide.

To learn more about Sorelmetal®, consult the product web site.

Sorelsteel® Billets

SORELSTEEL™ billets are produced using high-quality molten iron delivered from RTFT's ilmenite ore smelting operation. The billets are continuously cast and have consistent and low levels of residual elements that make them especially suitable for conversion to high quality wire rod by RTFT's customers. The rods so produced are of the highest quality and are used in demanding applications such as cold heading, tire cord, piano wire, springs and welding electrodes. The square billets are mainly produced in 160 x 160 square millimetres cross-sections and up to 16 meters in length.

SORELSTEEL™ round billets are also produced with a diameter of 215 mm. Their length can reach 13 m. They are used for the production of seamless tubes for OCTG market for oil and gas exploration industry.

Metal Powders

Powders plant markets a complete line of iron and steel powders under the trade name ATOMET™. ATOMET™ powders are used principally in the manufacture of parts for precision mechanics because they make it possible to produce precise and complex shapes. The largest demand for ATOMET™ powders comes from the automotive industry.

To learn more about the product, consult the Powders plant Web site.

Sorelflux® Ilmenite Ore

Sorelflux® is a crushed and screened lump ilmenite ore that is used by steelmakers worldwide to combat blast furnace hearth erosion. The TiO2 precipitates as hard, wear-resisting titanium carbonitrides onto the hearth walls, protecting the inner face of the hearth lining and extending campaign life. Sorelflux® is produced at Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium's mine in Quebec, Canada.  With a mine life to at least 2050, Sorelflux® will be helping blast furnace operators extend the campaign life of furnaces for years to come.
To learn more about this product, consult the product web site.