A fundamental principle to which we subscribe is the importance of balance between work and family. We actively encourage activities that promote social and harmonious relations between employees and the community. Our Company and our Social Club regularly organize interesting social events for employees and their families. We also participate actively in community life in both areas where we are established. Both these regions boast a pleasant and peaceful setting in outstanding natural and recreational areas.


Located in the St. Lawrence estuary, on the North Shore, Havre-Saint-Pierre is nestled in a region called Minganie, where you will find a most spectacular group of islands in the St. Lawrence River, the Mingan Archipelago. Founded in 1857 by fishermen from the Magdalene Islands, Havre-Saint-Pierre is today a prosperous and thriving community of 3,500 inhabitants. The region is a paradise for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. 

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Sorel-Tracy is a boisterous city of 35,000 inhabitants located where the Richelieu River empties into the St. Lawrence River. A 45-minute drive from downtown Montreal, it is at the very heart of the Bas-Richelieu region. With its unique location at the confluence of two rivers, Sorel-Tracy offers an extraordinary quality of life. Combining its rich historical heritage and efforts in wildlife preservation, the city offers several hiking trails and sites that will delight nature lovers and history buffs alike. The city core is located along the shoreline near the Saint-Pierre Lake archipelago, a stone's throw away from a unique wildlife sanctuary classified as a World Biosphere Conservation Area by UNESCO. Cultural life is lively and dynamic and is in tune with the passing of the seasons; theaters, concert halls, art galleries and festivals present unlimited and varied entertainment.

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